Friday, January 27, 2017

Harvey & Lee: Who Was Involved in the Plot?

Supporters of the lone assassin version of events in the JFK case have long maintained that any theory of an assassination plot that described who did it and how in detail would involve dozens if not hundreds of individuals. The following would necessarily have been involved for the plot as described in the book Harvey & Lee (which does meet the above criteria) to have been successful. The list does not include necessary subordinates of the plotters (this list is a work in progress):

Note: An asterisk denotes those involved in the creation, planning and execution of the plot.


James Angleton*

Bernard Barker

George H.W. Bush

Charles Cabell

Ann Goodpasture

Richard Helms*

E. Howard Hunt*

David Phillips*

Ray Rocca

Sergio Arcacha Smith* (assassin)

Frank Sturgis

Dallas Police

Jesse Curry

Gus Rose


C.D. DeLoach

J. Edgar Hoover

James Hosty

Gordon Shanklin


Cliff Carter

Malcolm Wallace


Hugh Aynesworth (CIA asset)

Priscilla Johnson McMillan (CIA asset)

Oswald Family & Friends

Charles (Dutz) Murret

Lillian Murret

Marilyn Murret

Marguerite Oswald “Historic”

Marguerite Oswald “Imposter”

Marina Oswald (KGB)

Robert Oswald

Vada Oswald

Michael Paine

Ruth Paine

American Embassy Moscow

Richard Snyder (CIA asset)

John McVickar (CIA asset)


Allen Dulles*

Gerald Ford

Earl Warren

The following people did not actively participate in the plot, but were aware that there were two Marguerites and said nothing.

Edward Aizer

Mrs. Harry Bodour

Dr. Cuthbert Brown

Otis Carleton

Mrs. Benny Commenge

Mrs. Oris Duane

Julian Evans

Myrtle Evans

Herbert Farrell

Dr. Bruno Mancuso

Edward Pic

Viola Peterman

Clem Sehrt

The following people who attended the exhumation of LHO must have also been in on the plot and instructed to fake the exhumation and stay silent about it. I say this because the exhumation disproves the H&L theory and Armstrong offers no explanation whatsoever for the exhumation findings.

Dr. Linda Norton

Dr. Vincent DiMaio

Dr. James Coffone

Dr. Irwin Sopher

William Dear (Security)

John Cullins (friend of Marina)

Hampton Hall (filmed exhumation)

Several other assistants of the doctors


  1. You are either very naive and gullible - or else you are dishonest - whether you're a paid shill or merely a crackpot.

  2. I really don't see how the exhumation disproves Armstrong's theory. In fact, it confirms it. Armstrong presents a photo of a very young LHO with a missing front tooth. Yet, photos & xrays of LHO's teeth at the exhumation autopsy show neither a missing tooth nor a false tooth. How can that be ?

  3. There were MANY witnesses who were threatened and/or killed shortly after the assassination. That alone explains why no one on your lists spoke up. Add to that that many people are simply apathetic about events that don't directly affect their lives and this long list of people knowing about two LHO's becomes plausible.


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