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Bill Kelly JFK Countercoup

Bill Kelly JFK Countercoup2

CIA Documents-Decoding False Names Mary Ferrell

CIA Cryptonyms Carmine Savastano

CIA Pseudonyms AARC

CIA Pseudonyms & Aliases Mary Ferrell

Dale Myers: JD Tippit

Dale Myers: Secrets of a Homicide

Dale Myers: Epipolar Geometric Analysis of Amateur Films Related to Acoustics Evidence in the John F. Kennedy Assassination

Dale Myers: Westbrook, Croy and the Tippit Murder

Dave Reitzes: JFK Online

David Von Pein: The Assassination of President John F. Kennedy-A Lone Gunman Viewpoint

Duncan MacRae: JFK Assassination Forum

Fred Litwin: I Was a Teenage JFK Conspiracy Freak

Fred Litwin: On The Trail of Delusion

Gerald Posner Review of On The Trail of Delusion

Fred Litwin: Oliver Stone's Film Flam

Fred Litwin: The Scholarship of James DiEugenio

Greg Doudna's Ruth Paine Archive

Greg Parker: ROKC Harvey & Lee Archive

Greg Parker Debunks Sandy Larsen's 2 LHO Dental Theory

Greg Parker and Jim Purtell: Lee Oswald & the Russian Language

Jefferson Morley: JFK Facts

Jefferson Morley: Joannides Medal Citation

Jim Hargrove: Harvey & Lee

John Armstrong Baylor Files

John McAdams: The Kennedy Assassination

John McAdams: Two Oswald Theories

John McAdams' Review of Faustian Bargains

John McAdams' Review of JFK and the Unspeakable

John McAdams' Review of The Road to Dallas

John McAdams: Jane Roman's Letter to the Washington Post

Jeremy Bojczuk: Harvey and Lee

Linda Minor: Colossal Failure to Research Ekdahl

Louis T. Girdler: “Your Lying Eyes” – Josiah Thompson’s Lonely Labyrinth

Mark White: Without Dallas

Martin J. Kelly Jr.: The Homophobic Backdrop to Garrison’s Persecution of Clay Shaw

Mary Ferrell Foundation

Max Holland: Washington Decoded

Michael Russ: Alphabetical List of Witnesses and Testimony

Michael Yardley: Positive Shooting (proves shots by Oswald very possible)

Nicholas R. Nalli: Gunshot-wound dynamics model for John F. Kennedy assassination

Nicholas R. Nalli: Sniper Target Tracking Analysis of John F. Kennedy Assassination

Nicholas R. Nalli: The Ghost of the Grassy Knoll Gunman

Nicholas R. Nalli: The Anti-Science Attack on Scientific Peer-Review

Oswald Family Photos

Peter Vronski: Lee Harvey Oswald in Russia

Robert Reynolds: Notes on the John F. Kennedy Assassination Records Collection

Robert Reynolds: When is the News Media Going to Catch On?

Steve Roe's Historical Research

W. Tracy Parnell: The Handwriting is on the Wall

Zapruder Film: Zavada Report

Zapruder Film: Zavada's Response to Horne

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