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The Two Marguerites Part 3

One of the most powerful arguments against the John Armstrong sub-theory of two Marguerite Oswalds is the outlandish behavior of the “impostor” Marguerite. This article will document some of the dubious statements made to author Jean Stafford by the woman who, according to Armstrong, was a CIA operative and caretaker of “Harvey Oswald.” Stafford interviewed Marguerite in 1965 at her Fort Worth home for three days for her book A Mother in History. We can be sure this is the “impostor” since Armstrong maintains the “real” Marguerite had disappeared by this time. See Part 1 of this series for a further description of each Marguerite.

Armstrong tries to explain Marguerite’s behavior in the following way. According to associate Jim Hargrove, Armstrong believes the fake Marguerite was a “spycatcher” whose job was to attract US intelligence agents who were aware of “Oswald’s” role as a spy and would then contact her. Marguerite would then report these agents to headquarters for elimination. Why the folks at Langley needed to have these spies pointed out to them is unclear. After all, presumably they were running the plot and would know who knew what. Also, how could they be sure that all the agents would contact Marguerite? Perhaps they had many such “spycatchers.” In any case, here are some of the pronouncements of the “impostor” Marguerite who functioned as a CIA agent, caretaker and “spycatcher” according to John Armstrong.

Lee Harvey Oswald

Probably the most startling assertion by Marguerite was that LHO may have been a patriot who performed a “mercy killing” working with government agents. The reason behind this merciful murder was to save JFK, who she described as “a dying man”, any more suffering from Addison’s disease and back problems. This service was performed purely “for the security of the country.” Marguerite was also quick to point out that “killing doesn’t necessarily mean badness.”

Presumably In her role as “spycatcher”, Marguerite revisited her theory of “LHO as intelligence agent” which she first voiced circa 1961. “He never did tell me why he went to Russia” Marguerite stated. “He spoke Russian, he wrote Russian and he read Russian. Why? Because my boy was being trained as an agent, that’s why … one and one make two to me, that boy was being trained … at age sixteen, Lee Harvey Oswald was being trained as a government agent … I think it would be wonderful for the United States to come out and say my son was an agent. Marguerite told Stafford that she wanted to know “who used Lee Harvey Oswald.” When Stafford asked if she had any ideas, she replied “I don’t have an idea, I know.” When Stafford pressed for details Marguerite mysteriously responded “I can divulge nothing on that score.”

Marguerite joined a long line of theorists skeptical of the so called “backyard photos” of LHO holding a rifle. “Things are not according to Hoyle … this picture is a fake” she maintained. Marguerite also described for Stafford her own reenactment of the photos which proved her thesis. She also implied that Ruth and Michael Paine were involved in the plot to plant the bogus snaps.

Marguerite was also dubious about the authenticity of LHO’s “historic diary” referring to the fact that authorities never questioned her about it as “the proof of the pudding.” She was also suspicious of the fact that LHO’s photo was taken 3 times at Arlington High School during his short tenure there. “Why? It doesn’t make sense … I have to wonder” she mused.

Marguerite also maintained LHO was “killed on cue and this I can prove. The television cameras were ready and the TV directors gave the order.”

Marguerite likewise had a conspiracy theory about John Carro, LHO’s probation officer in New York where he was remanded to the court system for disciplinary action after he was habitually truant. Marguerite said that Carro, who she did not have a high opinion of, was Mayor Robert Wagner’s “right-handed man” and queried “How do you suppose he got from probation officer to an official capacity in New York State?”

Other Theories

Marguerite seemingly had a theory about everything and that included Marina. She felt Marina was actually French, citing her aversion to cockroaches and high ceilings. She also said Marina was “not a true person” and that she could really speak English.

Not one to leave a government agency undamaged, Marguerite also offered her views on the Secret Service. The agency would not let her near Marina even though she “fought like a wild animal.” This resulted in Marina changing her “testimony” from being supportive of LHO to condemning him as a “louse.” She was also suspicious because the Secret Service gave Ruth Paine, who she called “this strange woman”, the “privilege” of speaking to Marina that she was not afforded. Marguerite also insisted that she was not interviewed by either the Secret Service or the FBI saying the agencies “never came near me.”

Regarding the Warren Report, Marguerite believed it contained “many distortions” because the commissioners “didn’t have the courtesy to come to me” to verify facts, seemingly oblivious to her own voluminous testimony before that body. “They printed what they were told” she insisted, and went on to say that she was the “only one that can rectify some of the inaccuracies.” Finally, Marguerite said that Chief Justice Earl Warren had “tears in his eyes” when LBJ asked him to head the Commission. Marguerite wondered if the tears indicated Warren “had to whitewash something the public didn’t know about?”


Armstrong offers the explanation of Marguerite as “spycatcher” to justify her promotion of the “LHO was an intelligence agent” theory to anyone who would listen from about 1961 through the late seventies. Jim Hargrove has said that this was Marguerite’s “main” conspiracy theory. Perhaps that is true, but she promoted many other theories as this article has shown including the backyard photos, Marina, the Paines, John Carro, the media and others.

I personally find the “spycatcher” explanation not only unconvincing but totally unbelievable. I maintain that Marguerite, rather than being a CIA operative, was actually the original conspiracy theorist. And since the purpose of the plot, according to Armstrong, was to frame and eliminate “Harvey” Oswald, it is difficult to see how Marguerite’s conspiracy theories designed to exonerate “Harvey” would further that end.

Marguerite herself offered the following account of her unique situation:

“I’m a mother in history, I’m all over the world … but I am wondering where my next meal is coming from … I know for a fact I have been persecuted … there [are] some people who would like to think that I have hallucinations … Believe me, if anyone’s in their right mind it’s Mrs. Marguerite Oswald.”

I’ll leave it to the reader to decide if Marguerite was a CIA “spycatcher” or something else.


  1. I'll bet LEE's mother was nothing like this short chubette.
    . What a kook.

  2. 2 Oswalds is complicated enough, why INCREASE the risk by adding 2 Mothers?
    And what was the "imposters" motivation/reward in all this?...
    She lived the remainder of her life in poverty and squalor!
    I hope at least this "Oswald Project" had a good Medical Plan.
    ( "Hey lets create this elaborate clandestine intelligence operation involving 2 boys &
    2 Moms named Oswald decades long!"
    "Sounds great! What will be the Code Name?"
    " Hmmm...something with plausible denial and obscure...I GOT IT!
    The Oswald Project!"

  3. I probably should have commented here rather than part 2 about Marguerites
    post 11/22/63 bizarre statements.
    I suggested people should read Her rambling Warren Comm. testimony for
    themselves, bit don't know could cause HEADS TO EXPLODE!
    and I confess I did skim/speed read much of it.

    What the CIA should have done is lock Nosenko or any would be spy in
    a room and just let this Queen Kook lay out her theories for hours

    I honestly don't know how Warren and the Lawyers kept their composure,
    I'm pretty sure her own Lawyer QUIT right there on the record at the end!

    Anyone who HONESTLY wants to understand why Lee Oswald turned out with such
    a warped World view and victimhood complex look no further!


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