Saturday, March 11, 2017

Margaret Keating

One of John Armstrong’s favorite investigative techniques is to suggest that since there are records that contain discrepancies, something sinister may be going on. But when others point out that mistakes and differences in records are a normal occurrence, Armstrong’s associates ridicule this idea and claim that so many unexplained discrepancies could not exist. But such inconsistencies can and do exist in the real world for varying reasons.

It turns out that Armstrong developed a theory as to the identity of the Marguerite “impostor” which he wisely chose not to pursue but does mention on page 133 in his book under a section titled “an unexplained curiosity.”

Margaret Keating Oswald was the first wife of Robert E. L. Oswald (father of Robert and Lee Harvey Oswald), whom she divorced in 1933. The court restored her last name to Keating, her maiden name, which she kept for the remainder of her life (she apparently never remarried). The name Margaret Keating and her address, 120 N. Telemachus Street, appear in New Orleans City Directories, telephone books, voter registration records, etc., from 1933 thru the early 1960's.

In the 1956 New Orleans City Directory, which records listings for the last half of 1955, the directory listed her as "Margt. Oswald," 120 N. Telemachus Street, New Orleans. This is the only occasion where the name "Margaret Keating" appears as Margt. Oswald-a name she had not used for the past 23 years. Perhaps this was a mistake, but perhaps not. These two listings appear during the time that both the short, dumpy heavy-set "Marguerite Oswald" imposter (whose true identity remains unknown) and the tall, nice-looking Marguerite Oswald lived in New Orleans. NOTE: Margaret Keating, who was 58 years old in 1954 and 67 years old in 1963, could have been the "Marguerite Oswald" imposter, but that possibility will not be explored or discussed in this book. For serious researchers, a telephone number and address were listed for Margaret Keating as late as 1996 in Baton Rogue (she was 100 in 1996).

So, for “serious researchers” only, Armstrong has provided a lead that he didn’t have enough faith in to pursue himself. Hopefully, no one wasted any time on this since Margaret Keating was born in 1892, not 1896 as Armstrong maintains and died in 1972.

She was four years older than Oswald and that is the obvious explanation for her fibbing about her age which he discusses on page 13. And it is obvious from her photo on Find-a-Grave that she is not the “impostor” Marguerite. Another H&L mystery solved.


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