Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Common Sense

Discussions of John Armstrong’s Harvey & Lee theory often involve scientific and other evidence. But what if we just look at the theory by asking some “common sense” questions?

Who Was Involved in the Plot?

How many individuals would have to be involved for the H&L plot to be true? It turns out the answer is dozens when you count the principals and the subordinates who would necessarily be involved. Some of the names on this list will not bother conspiracy theorists. James Angleton and David Phillips are well known suspects and universal villains with the CIA-did-it crowd. But some of the names on this list should give just about anyone pause, including LHO’s family members and friends. I invite anyone to think about the names here and honestly ask yourself how this could all come together.


The Behavior of the “Fake” Marguerite

The outlandish behavior of the woman who is supposed to be a CIA operative is one of the best common sense arguments against the theory. Jim Hargrove believes the fake Marguerite was a “spycatcher” whose job was to attract US intelligence agents who were aware of “Oswald’s” role as a spy and would then contact her. Marguerite would then report these agents to headquarters for elimination. But if she was a CIA operative, she had to be one of the world’s great actors since just about everyone that met her following the assassination thought she was crazy.


Why Didn’t People Who Knew the “Real” Marguerite Speak Out?

A simple question that Armstrong supporters can’t answer is why didn’t the “real” Marguerite’s friends from the early days come forward to say that the woman they saw on TV and in the newspapers (the impostor) was not the woman they knew? One weak argument is they were afraid. But they could have come forward at any time such as the seventies when the HSCA put the spotlight back on the case. Or they could have contacted an investigative journalist, such as Gaeton Fonzi, who was very sympathetic to the conspiracy cause and would have gladly listened to their story. None ever came forward and the people that testified or gave statements to the Warren Commission either recognized Marguerite or didn’t mention any problem.


LHO’s Military ID

Armstrong presents some contradictory records in his book to bolster his claim that of two Oswalds. But all of the records he presents show the same military id number. Exactly how did two men use the same ID at the same time and no one notice?


Armstrong says that both Oswalds attended Beauregard at the same time. He also says that LHO friend Ed Voebel knew both Oswalds. Armstrong has never claimed that “Harvey” and “Lee” were identical twins. Exactly how did this work and why did nobody notice?


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