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LHO Far East Chronology

One ambiguous part of the life of Lee Harvey Oswald is his time in the far east. Both the Warren Commission and the HSCA were unable to fully resolve conflicts in the record. This ambiguity has paved the way for theories such as John Armstrong's "Harvey and Lee" which postulates 2 Oswalds in different places during that time. Using a variety of sources, including original research by Greg Parker, I have developed a chronology which makes LHO's whereabouts during that period of his life less mysterious. Sources are listed in parenthesis.

Sunday, September 14, 1958: LHO sails with his unit from Yokosuka for the South China Sea aboard the USS Skagit (CE 1961, 23 H 797). It is possible that the Skagit’s departure was delayed until the 16th (RIF 180-10142-10413, 91).

Tuesday, September 16, 1958: LHO reports to sick bay where he starts treatment for gonorrhea (Donabedian Exhibit No. 1, 19 H 601).

Friday, September 19, 1958: The Skagit arrives in Kaohsiung, Taiwan where LHO and his shipmates spend two days unloading supplies (Parker, vol. 2, Part 2-Freedomland 1949-59).

Wednesday, September 24, 1958: The Skagit arrives in Hong Kong (Parker, vol. 2, Part 2-Freedomland 1949-59).

Tuesday, September 30, 1958: LHO and his unit are at Pingtung, Taiwan (CE 1961, 23 H 797). Sometime during their stay there, LHO is found “shaking and crying” while serving on guard duty by Lieutenant Charles R. Rhodes, who responds after hearing gunfire. LHO tells Rhodes that he had seen “men in the woods and that he challenged them and then started shooting.” Rhodes suspects LHO staged the incident with the hope of being sent back to Japan (Epstein, 81).

Sunday, October 5, 1958: LHO returns to Atsugi (CE 1961, 23 H 797).

Monday, October 6, 1958: LHO is transferred to general duty in anticipation of his return to the states (Folsom Exhibit No. 1, 19 H 658).

Tuesday, October 7, 1958: LHO reports to the Naval Hospital at Atsugi (CE 1961, 23 H 797) for treatment of his gonorrhea which has resisted antibiotics (Donabedian Exhibit No. 1, 19 H 602–604).

Monday, October 13, 1958: LHO is released from the Hospital (CE 1961, 23 H 797).

Sunday, November 2, 1958: LHO departs from Yokosuka aboard the USS Barrett bound for San Francisco (CE 1961, 23 H 797).

Saturday, November 15, 1958: LHO arrives in San Francisco (CE 1961, 23 H 797).

Sunday, November 16, 1958: LHO is at Treasure Island Naval Station while awaiting leave (CE 1961, 23 H 797).

Wednesday, November 19, 1958: LHO goes on leave (Folsom Exhibit No. 1, 19 H 686) staying with Marguerite in Fort Worth and visiting Robert and his wife Vada (Oswald with Land and Land, 89).

As I mentioned, the H&L people have used this time period to push theories that there were 2 Oswalds in the far east. Here are some threads from the Education Forum and Greg Parker's Forum discussing the issue:

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