Tuesday, March 7, 2017

The Hunter Photo

In 1967, Robert Oswald published his remembrances of LHO in the book, Lee: A Portrait of Lee Harvey Oswald by His Brother. In the book is a photo taken of LHO by Robert from a hunting trip at the Mercer farm owned by Robert's in-laws. The photo shows LHO with very short hair and a somewhat more muscular appearance than was usual for him.

Theorists have long commented on LHO’s appearance which they find suspicious and have sought to definitively date the photo. According to the official record, there were three leaves that LHO visited relatives in Fort Worth and therefore three time periods that the photo could have been taken; February-March 1957, June 1957 and November 1958. However, it is likely that the photo was taken during the February-March leave when LHO had just completed boot camp and was probably in the best shape of his life. He also sported a haircut known as a “high and tight” usually given to recruits where the sides are very closely shaved and the top somewhat longer. These facts would help to explain his somewhat unusual appearance.

Robert thought the photo was taken in February, 1958, but LHO was in the far east then and Robert probably meant to say February, 1957, which was when LHO’s leave began. But allowing for travel time and the fact that Robert stated the hunting trip occurred on a weekend in his book, it is likely the trip took place no sooner than March 2, 1957. Additionally, Robert’s wife Vada told the FBI (CE 2672, 26 H 28) that LHO visited during a leave from the Marines “about four or five months” after her marriage to Robert which took place in November, 1956 (1 H 365, WCT Robert Edward Lee Oswald).


  1. For the time being, I'll assume that your fellow travelers all have benign motives. "M. Walton" might just be trying to prove his bona fides to be a trusted shill for Amazin'Randi's JREF. You surely know that your H&L position cannot possibly be correct, and that raises the disturbing question of whose team you're playin' on - and if your output is being financially supported.

  2. I am not being "supported" by anyone and the opinions expressed here are mine, although many agree with me.


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