Sunday, April 2, 2017

Robert Oswald and Stripling

Supporters of John Armstrong’s “Harvey & Lee” theory frequently use statements made by Lee Harvey Oswald’s older brother Robert regarding LHO’s attendance at Stripling Junior High School to bolster their case. The following quote is from Armstrong associate Jim Hargrove’s website:

LEE Oswald's older brother, Robert, told the Warren Commission that the alleged assassin of President Kennedy attended W.C. Stripling Junior High School in Fort Worth, Texas. In two interviews with the Fort Worth Star Telegram, one in October 1959 when Oswald defected, the other in June 1962 when he returned, Robert repeated his recollection that his brother had attended Stripling JHS in Fort Worth.

Robert made it clear in his Warren Commission testimony that he thought LHO attended Stripling in 1951-52.

Mr. JENNER. And, at that time, I take it your brother Lee was attending Arlington Heights High School? That would be 1952?

Mr. OSWALD. Just a minute, please.

In 1952 Lee was 13 years old. He would be attending W. C. Stripling Junior High School then.

Mr. JENNER. I see. For the school year 1951-52?

Mr. OSWALD. Yes, sir. Junior high school there was from the seventh to the ninth grades. And as soon as he was through with his sixth year, he started attending W. C. Stripling Junior High School.

But Robert, who wrote a book about his remembrances of his brother and was an important witness to history, was mistaken on this point. LHO attended Ridgelea Elementary as a sixth grader in the 1951 to 1952 school year. He certainly would have attended either Stripling or the new Monnig Junior High (according to Armstrong) starting in September, 1952 if he had stayed in Fort Worth. But LHO and Marguerite moved to New York in August, 1952 so that never happened. And Robert could not have “remembered” LHO at Stripling during his own time there. The last year Robert was at Stripling was in 1948-49 and LHO was in third grade and too young to be in Junior High which, as Robert pointed out, was from seventh to ninth grades. Indeed by September 1952, Robert was in the Marine Corps and could not have had firsthand knowledge of LHO's school attendance at Stripling or anywhere else. Robert simply made an honest mistake when he testified before the WC. LHO never attended Stripling despite witnesses to the contrary such as Robert Oswald.

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  1. It's not just Robert Oswald, principle of Stripling told John Armstrong that Oswald had been a student at Sripling, FBI arrived at the school took his files shortly after the assassination.

  2. That is true. However, the principal you refer to, Frank Kudlaty, never said a word about the FBI confiscating files or LHO attending Stripling until he spoke to his friend Jack White. Only after hearing Armstrong's theories did Kudlaty then make his claims.

  3. There were numerous teachers who said he attended, and Robert. This is another very weak debunking, which seems to rest on all the witnesses either lying or simply being incorrect. Nice .

  4. Objective Reality,

    There is really nothing to debunk anyway. There is no documentation, no yearbook photos (as there are at other schools LHO attended) no evidence at all that LHO attended Stripling, just Robert's mistaken observation and a few witnesses who are remembering Robert rather than LHO.


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