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The Bishop Sketch-Who Did it Look Like?

The infamous sketch of Maurice Bishop is one of the things most often mentioned as “proof” that David Phillips was Bishop since theorists believe it looks like Phillips. The sketch was prepared with the help of a professional artist and represented a “pretty good” idea of what Veciana thought Bishop looked like. Of course, a sketch is just an artist’s representation and the interpretation of it is subjective. Show it to a hundred people and you’ll get a hundred different answers as to who it looks like. Fonzi and his staff showed the sketch to a number of relevant people and this was the result

Fonzi himself originally thought it looked like Paul Bethel, former head of the US Information Agency in Cuba. Sam Kail was an Army attaché who worked at the US embassy in Cuba and who Veciana said Bishop directed him to for help. Kail, who denied knowing Veciana, also thought the sketch looked like Bethel, a fact that Fonzi left out of his HSCA report. Barney Hidalgo, A CIA employee who was interviewed by the HSCA regarding his claim that a “Bishop” worked at the CIA, thought it looked “a bit” like CIA employee Willard Galbraith. This contradicts what Fonzi wrote in the HSCA report when he said, “B. H. [Hidalgo] could not identify [the sketch] as anyone he recognized.”

Bradley Ayers was a US Army Captain on special assignment with the CIA based out of JM/WAVE near Miami. Ayers thought the sketch looked to be “a very accurate drawing” of Gordon Campbell, another CIA employee. Ayers thought that Bishop was Campbell and not Phillips, but this is unlikely since Campbell died in 1962. Ultimately, I compiled a list of 14 relevant individuals who saw the sketch and only three thought it looked like Phillips. Five people did not recognize the sketch as anyone they knew and the remaining six each identified six different persons. Ironically, one of the people who thought it looked like Phillips was Phillips himself. The others were Senator Richard Schweiker whose identification of Phillips was the beginning of Fonzi’s quest to link Phillips to Bishop and CIA agent Joseph Burkholder Smith.

Please contact me at if you know of any other people that saw the sketch who are not on this list. Note that I am looking for documented interviews with individuals who were shown the sketch and asked who it looked like. I am not interested in anecdotal cases such as David Phillips' brother and his employees who allegedly thought the sketch looked like David after being told that it did.




Colonel Samuel Kail

Paul Bethel


Gaeton Fonzi

Paul Bethel


Bradley Ayers

Gordon Campbell

Sworn Statement 8-6-2007

Captain Milford Hubbard (Patrick Harris)

Owen Darnell

157-10014-10084, p. 16

James Cogswell

Former President of Freeport Sulphur

Davy, Let Justice Be Done, 87

Barney Hidalgo

William Galbraith


Max Lesnik

Did Not Recognize


William Kent (Doug Gupton)

Did Not Recognize

HSCA X Paragraph 179

Guy Vitale

Did Not Recognize


John Roselli

Did Not Recognize

157-10014-10000, p. 40

Manolo Ray Rivero

Did Not Recognize/Unknown Government Official

180-10093-10063, p. 5

Joseph Burkholder Smith

David Phillips


Richard Schweiker

David Phillips

HSCA X Paragraph 171

David Phillips

Himself or his brother

180-10131-10327, p. 93


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